There is only one
happiness in this life,
to love and be loved.
George Sand

Hey there.  My name is Kelly.  I’m a silent observer, window watcher, dreamer and creative thinker. Most days you can find me with my hair up in a messy bun, drinking iced tea, listening to criminal podcasts.  Oh and probably dreaming about nachos.  I love nachos. 

Most of my friends would tell you that I am honest, probably to a flaw…but also have a warm and caring side.   They would probably tell you I’m funny too…or maybe that’s just me dreaming I’m hilarious…but seriously.  I’m really funny.  

I love using my passion for photography by sharing and capturing adoption stories through Red Thread Sessions.  I also love serving at my church in whatever way I can…as long as it doesn’t involve singing.  Not really my strong suit.

I spend most of my free time chasing around my son Luca, trying to keep up with my laundry (ugh) and dreaming up the next house project – waiting for the perfect time to divulge the plan I have been obsessing over to my husband, Jameson.