Mickley Maternity | Grandview Sunflower Garden

This is my beautiful friend Erin and her amazing family.  I figured I should share this session as summer has come to a close, the sunflowers have wilted and she had their newest addition just a couple weeks ago!  Erin had a vision of sunflowers and golden light.  Being a photographer and loving all the golden light I can get, I was on board from the start.  Tripp is was just over a year old for this session and was a trooper, even sporting a his dad’s favorite team gear, the Fighting Irish.

We wandered around the community garden in Grandview and the surrounding wooded area, chasing the sun.  One thing I loved about this session was witnessing someone I have known over 20 years, look at her family as I was getting a few shots of just her and seeing the love the felt for them.  My heart swelled just looking at this beautiful mother wife and my very best friend.   So without further ado….all the heart eyes for this session…

Emily & Trey | OSU Wedding

This wedding was an absolute blast!  Emily and Trey had been waiting for this day for far too long.  A fun fact – they were my first ever couple to model for me when I was just getting started back in 2012.  Fast forward 5 years…bam!  We are all back together again for their wedding!  Emily and Trey are HUGE buckeye fans, they love their city, their pups and most of all their friends.  Their day truly captured their essence and was filled with their favorite people, places and things.  It was classy and very well done when it comes to an OSU Wedding.  It was scarlet and grey without being too over the top…the perfect balance.

I showed up to Hyatt Regency where the bridal party was getting ready.  Emily was calm and a little bit nervous.  But who could blame her?  It was her wedding day after all.  Then I saw it…her gown.  OMG!  It was so perfectly Emily.  And pockets, the dress had pockets!  It fit her like a glove and the rest is history.  We met Trey over at OSU Stadium where the two exchanged their first look.  The backdrop couldn’t have been better.   Then their 3 pups hopped in for a few and we were onto the bridal party.

The entire day went off without a hitch.  Emily and Trey exchanged vows at the Vue Columbus in a simple but elegant ceremony – followed by drinks, dinner and dancing…lots and lots of dancing.  I could not have been more honored to spend the day with these two people are are truly perfect for one another.  I wish Emily and Trey nothing but Buckeye football, golden retrievers galore and many nights spent with their closest friends making new memories as husband and wife!

Venue: The Vue Columbus

Bridal Gown: Wendy’s Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses:

Groom/Groomsman: Men’s Warehouse

Videography: Vivian McClain Photography

Catering: Davids Bridal – Vera Wang

Florals: Flowerman

DJ: Buckeye Entertainment

Lindsey & Jordan | Scioto Reserve Wedding

This wedding was one of a kind.  Yes it was beautiful, the weather was perfect and these two could not have been any cuter, but the best part about this wedding were Lindsey and Jordan.  I showed up to their Scioto Reserve wedding to find Lindsey in the bridal suite.  She smiled at me and the first words out of her mouth were “I forget everything we talked about” (referring to timeline).  I looked back at her and said, “you don’t need to remember anything, that’s why we planned everything out ahead of time – let me worry about the timeline and you enjoy your wedding day!”  It was the cutest thing and I felt so happy to tell her, don’t worry about anything except marrying your handsome man.

Jordan greeted me with a hug and a beaming light in his eyes.  He has been dreaming about this day for far too long.  The way he looks at Lindsey and engages with her is so endearing.  He is a kind, loving soul and it showed with every interaction he had with everyone the entire day.  During the bride and groom portraits, I asked if I could get a few images of Lindsey by herself, Jordan happily stepped away and admired his bride – as he looked at her in awe and said out loud , “I am so lucky”.  He was so genuine in his words and it was such a true testament to his love for he new bride.

Each element of their day was so beautiful, from venue itself, which is where these two actually met, 6 years ago at Lindsey’s sisters wedding (see image below of them dancing – one is a picture of a picture (day they met) and the other is from their wedding day), the amazing floral arch by Petals & Leaves, their vows and the toasts – everything screamed love.  These two overcame years of living in different states and cities to finally, finally being able to share their lives.

To Lindsey and Jordan.  It was an amazing honor getting to know you both.  I cannot tell you how many times, I looked at Elizabeth (second shooter) throughout the day and said – they are so sweet – which doesn’t even begin to accurately describe you.  I loved everything about your day.  The two of you are so amazing.  I wish you many years of happiness just being together…FINALLY!

Erin and Anton | Columbus Spring Wedding


Erin and Anton were married in late May in a beautiful Catholic ceremony at St. Margaret of Cortona in Hilliard.   Their ceremony was beautiful.  With a little extra thought and preparation the the couple added some traditional Filipino rituals to pay homage to Anton’s roots, making their wedding one of a kind.  After the ceremony and family portraits, we headed to OSU Stadium to get some amazing bridal party shots with a backdrop, you don’t get too often.  We made the most of it…as if that was hard?!  Next stop for this beautiful Columbus spring wedding was Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center

We got to spend some time with just the bride and groom and then we were off to the party!  I know this may sound a little unconventional, but one of my favorite parts of the day is the toasts.  This isn’t necessarily the time when we get the the best photos from the day but I don’t really mind.  This is the time I learn about the people I have been hanging around with all day.  I get to hear from the people that know them the best, oftentimes the longest and who love them the most.  It is always so nice to hear all the wonderful things people say about them…making me even happier I am working with such amazing individuals.

Erin was one of the most organized brides which helped the day flow so smoothly.  Not that either of them would have minded if time lost somewhere.  They are both so laid back, making my job a little too easy 🙂  The way Erin looks at Anton is a true testament of their understanding of one another.  They compliment each other in the best of ways! We had such a great time with the two of them and wish them nothing but a beautiful and wonderful life together.  Congrats to you both on beginning your next adventure!

Brides Dress: Stella York

Florals: Bloomtastic Florist

Venue:Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center

DJ: Buckeye Entertainment

Cake: Cakes Creatively by Crystal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Wonder by Jenny Packham

Groomsman: Joseph Abboud Suits

Invites: Wedding Paper Divas


Weston | Westerville Family Photography | Everal Barn & Heritage Park

I cannot believe I have not shared this session yet!  I met with Brett, Falon and their sweet 8 month old Weston in May at the Everal Barn in Westerville.  I work with Brett and I see him 5 days a week, which is great and all but it was so nice to spend some time with Falon and get to know her a little better and see this beautiful baby they created! Love his wispy spiky hair.  It is so perfect.

We wandered around the park capturing sweet photos of the family and as many smiles as we could get from Weston.    The weather was unseasonable warm that day but no one seemed to mind.   The sun was out and the flowers were in bloom, making the perfect backdrop for some great family photos.  Falon’s hair game was totally on point too, don’t ya think?  Amazing!